Our Values

They represent the roots of DI LODOVICO’s culture, guiding all activities and forming the basis of its way of being and operating. DI LODOVICO operates according to the logic of sustainable development, following ethical principles and in compliance with the legislation and principles in force.


Building valuable and lasting relationships with our customers is the foundation of our success.
We offer an excellent service, characterized by uncompromising quality and attention to detail guaranteeing what we do both individually and collectively. We build loyal and stable relationships, placing our clients at the heart of our organization and offering each of them a tailor-made before and after sales experience.


Innovation and foresight are the keys to our growing success: we believe in technological progress based on experience with an eye to the future.
Continuous investment in new software and technologies not only allows us to be creative, but also at the forefront of the market offering a full range of tailored solutions.
The integration between the real world and the automated world, known as Industry 4.0, must not, however, ever lose sight of the human factor. Technology must offer the opportunity to reduce stress, increase safety, preserve the environment in which we live and, above all, achieve a better quality of life. Our objective, therefore, is to follow the recommendations and contribute to achieving the objectives set by the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations on sustainability.


With a creative workforce of talented professionals, we have made teamwork our winning formula. We recognize the strategic role of our human resources and welcome the added value brought by each individual: this is the real strength of our team.
We invest in people and foster the passion that unites us all, which is also the source of our most innovative ideas. We are committed to ensure a working environment that offers respect and trust by encouraging honest and transparent communication, this promotes efficient sharing of information and knowledge while promoting growth and development.


DI LODOVICO is certified ISO 9001 since 2013, ISO 45001 since 2020, SA8000 since 2021 and is currently undergoing the ISO 14001 certification process.
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