Thanks to ongoing technological investments, both in design and manufacturing, DI LODOVICO can rely on the latest software and machinery and is able to match its products and services to the market’s needs.
Each client is unique for us: we interpret their needs by offering the best solution with professionalism, efficiency and specialized attention to detail.


The best designs stem from a harmonious conjunction of form and content.
3D models, as well as simulation capabilities to test and evaluate materials, design and production, are essential to create innovative approaches especially for the most customized requirements.
Together with our customers, we build the way from the initial idea to execution where innovation and engineering quality are combined with cutting-edge CAD solutions.


Our metrology service is essential to ensure the final product meets expectations and provides our customers with the certainty of excellent performance and compliance with the required shapes and certification.
Dimensional inspection
Reverse engineering
Dimensional reports and Certificate of Conformity
Equipment calibration


“A machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men, but no machine can do the work of an extraordinary man”. Elbert Green Hubbard
Our constant and continuous investment in technologies, machines and especially in human resources has allowed us not only to keep up with the times, but also to distinguish ourselves in the field of composite materials for the Automotive and Aerospace sectors by offering increasingly performing and cutting-edge machining.
Moulds in aluminium
Moulds in steel
Moulds in resin
Checking Fixtures and industrial automation

Why choose us

DI LODOVICO is an Italian company with several years' experience in the precision engineering industry. It operates with passion and enthusiasm according to sustainable development logics while guaranteeing the highest level of safety in the workplace.
An experienced, passionate and enthusiastic team
The highest quality standards and client-centred, before and after-sale service
An innovative and dynamic approach combined with long-term experience
Certified quality, performance and precision
DI LODOVICO is certified ISO 9001 since 2013, ISO 45001 since 2020, SA8000 since 2021 and is currently undergoing the ISO 14001 certification process.
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